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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

Bodyo helps communities better take care of themselves to prevent serious illnesses through free regular health assessments.

Our health pods are easily accessible around local communities, empowering transformation by giving you the platform to capture key health vitals in controlling diets & nutrition, monitoring sleep patterns,
or just to get fit.

With our free app you can monitor progress, set milestones,
achieve goals and know yourself better.




Training programs


Fitness exercises

with real time access to nutritionists, coaches and health care professionals to ensure you get the support needed in achieving success.

Innovative solutions

With rapid changes in busy lifestyles worldwide obesity has doubled. Diabetes has become a widely growing concern for more people than before. Individual physical activity rate has majorly reduced due to evolving technology whereby many people prefer to be indoors with their tablets and laptops as opposed to indulging in physical activities.

Having understood this cycle, we use evolving technology to our advantage to suit a wide array of lifestyles. Understanding the pressing needs of your daily life as well as your need for a healthier lifestyle, our innovative solutions promote healthcare to users from all spheres of life.


Specialized measurement
systems & application

Our specialized measurement systems and application promote and guide health and wellness activities of our users, enabling them to monitor and track vital health indicators of their bodies.

Based on personalized data, we train and provide nutritional planning to motivate our clients achieve the objectives.

With Bodyo application on your devices, we will be able to connect with you and provide you the easiest access to achieve a healthier lifestyle.